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Workplace Safety Training

Scholasticus K
Any workplace may it be a factory, office, a construction site, farm and dairy or any location place of work, is basically a second home to employees. Ensuring the safety of employees in such places, in every possible way, is an important responsibility of the employer.
Whatever may be the compliance by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or the state and district governance, safety training at the workplace is valuable for companies and business organizations, in order to protect the lives and health of their employees.
A sincere participation by the employees in the training process and the actual implementation of what they have learned is also very important, as indirectly they would be taking care of not just themselves but of the company's premises and also of their fellow employees.
Employer should cover all compliance which have been imposed and enforced by departments of labor, or agencies such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as any non fulfillment of such compliance tends to have a certain legal implications.
Also note that the following explanation does not cover the compliance part that the business organizations need to comply with under the obligation of the law of the land.

Tell Where the Danger is

Wherever the office be, assess the situations and locations within the office which can prove to be potential threats to health. Like, an electricity control room or a generator room can be hazardous, especially if an untrained person accesses it.
While conducting workplace safety training, some other regional hazards such as low or weak railings, slippery or extremely smooth or slippery surfaces, hazards related to local traffic, should be disclosed to the employees. Any small and pointless thing can be connoted to be a hazard and while such a training make it point to identify it and disclose it.

Risk and Safety Related to Machines

The term, workplace has become almost synonymous, hence whatever may be the case, may it be the office building or machine shop, vehicles, or for that matter utilities such as elevators, during training make it a point to disclose and also train your employees to deal with accidents or related disasters.
For example, in a place full of computers or machines there is always a possibility of the occurrence of an electricity fire. All your employees hence, have to be trained in remedy. What to do when you smell smoke? What to do when the actual fire erupts? Are some of the specifications which have to be dealt with.
In case of safety measures regarding heavier machinery or utilities such as say cranes, cement mixers, industrial equipment and machines and even elevators, you will need to fulfill some kind of safety compliance and also train your employees to adhere with the compliance.
For example, you have a generator in the office basement, notify the employees about the insulation of room, where the fire extinguishers are kept, which switches have to be switched off or have to be put on when a calamity, God forbids, strike. Remember a machine can be a man's friend and enemy both at the same time.

Disclosing Compliance to the Employees

The next thing that you need to do is disclose all compliance to the employees. The complied rules, regulations and laws of OSHA and local governing bodies can be highly helpful in situations when danger strikes.
Several of these details may even seem to be insignificant, however these very details come in handy in bad times and help in saving lives and preventing injuries.

Make Provision Before Disaster

It is of critical importance that the workplace premises have essentials like fire extinguishers and first-aid kits, both at very prominent and easily accessible positions. Also training employees in using these is important. Another way is to actually make the employees participate in mock-up drills such as fire evacuation practice at regular intervals.
It is also a great idea to invite experts on industrial fires, CPR, emergency treatment experts, to explain the importance of these measures which will prove to be of great help.
One of the drills which is often ignored is the regular practice of the procedure of emergency evacuation from the building. Remember such drills successfully helps the employees in negotiating every possible obstacle, under unfamiliar conditions of a calamity such as earthquakes or fires.
It is important that every business organization conducts such a kind of training, not because it's a compliance, but because it could mean a life saved or lost. Also organizing safety meetings and discussing various topics with the employees also tends to help a lot.
In fact, making every employee acquainted with every nook and corner of the building and premises right from the first day is a great start. Further more, you can show the employees, the nearest route to the hospital or emergency room.