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Ways to Annoy Coworkers

Manali Oak
If you are bored of seeing those sulky faces at your workplace or bugged with those wiseacres in office, read on. Here are some interesting ways to annoy your coworkers.
It is easy to say that you should be cordial with your coworkers and try to make friends. It's easy to talk about workplace ethics and healthy work culture but difficult to maintain.
Perhaps, it is too idealistic to always have polite and friendly colleagues. At times, you come across jerks who dampen the office atmosphere and you need to confront bullies and arrogant individuals who spoil the working environment. And sometimes, you need to deal with them, in their way. You need to apply a tit-for-tat strategy!
Here is a list of some ways to annoy coworkers. Well, take the risk of following them on your own.

Endless Talks

Request one of the coworkers to come to your desk and start an unending conversation with him/her.
Discuss pointless issues or narrate stories, which are sure to bug the coworker. Start telling the colleague something that is really boring. You can invite some other coworkers and create the feeling of discussing something really important.
Or you may pretend to share something really interesting and gradually make it lengthy and draggy. Watch your coworkers while they return to their cubicles, irritated, annoyed, and flustered.

Phone Calls

Making unnecessary phone calls to your coworkers is a good way to annoy them. You can try one of the funny voice mail ideas and drive your coworkers crazy or make repeated calls to them making the same point, over and over again.
Communicate over phone in a babytalk or disguise your voice as someone else's. Make hissing sounds in the phone, saying that you have a bad connection.

Annoying Emails

Send long, irritating emails to your coworkers or circulate spam. You can use some of the email prank ideas to bug your colleagues.
Carrying out unnecessary communication through the use of emails is another way of annoying your coworkers. Send them bulky attachments and junk mail, thus wasting their time and inbox capacity. Announce your work status through an email or make trivial announcements like "I will be on phone for 5 more minutes" by sending an email to the team.

Office Pranks

Sneak behind someone or walk around the office suspiciously. Hide behind the chair of one of your coworkers (one who has always been bullying you) and frighten him by catching him unawares. Disrupt the functioning of your office elevator by leaving its door open.
Sneak into the pantry and add salt to someone's coffee. You can even try adding salt in place of sugar to the coffee vending machine! (Well, that's risky.)
Another way of annoying coworkers is to watch out for a time when they are not on their desks and meddle with their workstation.
You can unplug their monitor or pour glue onto keyboard. (That's dangerous.) Or fix a piece of clear tape under the mouse to stop the mouse ball from moving.

Disrupt Meetings

Attend phone calls during meetings. Setting your cell phone to some irritating ring tones and message alerts will make it even worse!
Another way of annoying those at the meeting is to talk without waiting for your turn. Interrupt their speech or laugh out loud when a colleague is discussing something seriously. Annoy your coworkers by getting some new procedures passed, during every meeting.
Calling meetings for trivial issues, digressing from the meeting agenda and diverting everyone to unimportant subjects, wastes their time, annoying them further.
Use your creativity(?) to devise prank ideas for meetings that are sure to annoy the attendees.

Act Crazy

Act crazily during the office hours and drive your coworkers mad with anger. (All, at your own risk!) Eat someone else's lunch or take a sip from their coffee. Irritate those around you by exclaiming "Ahh", after every sip of tea/coffee. Whisper loudly or laugh hysterically.
Another sure way to irritate coworkers is to mimic them whenever they say something, talk to them in a funny accent, and call them by wrong names. (Try mispronouncing their names).
You can practice drumming on your desk or make it even more irritating by pretending to bang your head on the keyboard. Your colleagues might ask you what the problem is; say nothing, just keep banging your head. (Harder this time!) Type loudly and sigh each time you need to use the backspace key. And you will see your coworkers turn furious!
Come to work wearing funny clothes; drench in an aftershave or wear a strong perfume; whistle all day long or sing off-key, or bug your colleagues by talking to your computer monitor, as if it were a person!
Annoying your coworkers to the extent that they feel hurt or hateful, is not the right thing to do. If pranks and crazy acts are not taken in the right spirit, they no longer remain to be a laughing matter. So, beware.
And please don't take this piece of information as a serious piece of advice. In case of a problem or misunderstanding with your coworker, do not resort to one of these ways and annoy him. Instead, approach the management for intervention.