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Traits of a Good Manager

Manali Oak
A good manager is true leader - good at deciding things and getting things done; influential and respectable; encouraging and optimistic. He is someone who dares to dream and has the passion to make his dreams come true.
Management skills and confidence make an individual a good manager.
His managerial skills matter most. What are they? Actually it is a skill set that consists of leadership, decision-making abilities, an understanding nature and confidence. Thorough knowledge of his domain, expertise in his field, effective strategic planning skills and foresight make him a real manager.
An effective manager is someone who can be both strict and understanding.
Strict when he has to implement the decisions taken, when he has to get things done within a stipulated time, and understanding when it comes to considering employee concerns, accepting their feedback and catering to their difficulties.
A manager should be able to differentiate between the right and the wrong. He should know where to play the stickler for rules and when to be considerate.


Leadership is one of the vital qualities a manager should possess. A good manager is often seen exercising effective leadership in the organization. By effective and fair leadership we mean, the skills to guide team members, to encourage them towards attainment of the organization's goals and take the right decisions at the right time.
A manager should have confidence in his abilities, and should be innovative enough to experiment. Nevertheless he should be brave enough to accept failures. Leadership skills involve the ability to take not just decisions, but also the responsibility of their consequences.

Planning and Delegation Skills

Planning is a part of managerial skills. Ideally, a manager has foresight that helps him plan effectively. He devises fail-proof plans, divides the task at hand into subtasks and delegates them to team members.
Effective delegation involves understanding employees' skills, scheduling tasks and getting them done from the employees within set deadlines. Delegation enables division of responsibility, helps accomplish the plan faster while also giving the delegates an opportunity to excel.
Effective execution of a plan requires a manager to dream, dedicate resources towards fulfillment of the dream and lead the team in making that dream come true.

Communication Skills

These are often the most talked about when it comes to leading or managing. It's essential for a manager to have good communication skills, both written and verbal, to be able to manage effectively.In every aspect of being a good manager, communication plays a major role.
Leading a group of people needs an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and that comes only through interaction. While planning and delegating tasks to subordinates, a manager needs to communicate with them.
To get the tasks done from people, a manager needs to be in constant touch with them so that he is able to track work progress and know the difficulties they may be facing at work. Listening skills are yes, a part of communication.
Whatever knowledge a manager possesses or the domain expertise he has, to put his knowledge into practice, it needs to be shared. And that again demands communication skills.


The very uncommon common sense is something that a manager should possess. A manager needs to have complete knowledge of his field and feel confident about what he knows. Thorough knowledge of one's position and responsibilities is the trait of an effective manager.
Intelligence is another characteristic of good managers. Having a witty sense of humor is an added advantage. They have it or they develop it, but once it's there, it's of great help in tackling difficult situations. Along with intellect and humor, creativity is another essential attribute of managers.
A manager needs to have a creative mind to welcome new ideas from team members and subordinates, and execute the bright and feasible ones. An effective leader, that a manager is, needs to think out of the box! That's what innovation is. 
A manager always aims at bringing reforms to his work patterns, adapt to change, experiment with his working style, come up with new schemes for business growth; all that in order to lead the organization on the path of success.
Emotional intelligence is another important trait of a manager. It translates into understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of his team and a concern for their problems.

Listening Ability

A good manager possesses an optimistic attitude and has motivating abilities. Listening skills and concern for his people are among the other important traits.
An effective manager must motivate his team and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his team members. He needs to be a good listener to be able to cater to his team's problems, be open to their views, accept their criticism and understand their capacities.
A manager is always aware that subordinates are also humans and he treats them with respect and due consideration. He never forgets that he is in charge of the most important assets of an organization - its people.

Skill of Keeping Cool

Being able to keep one's cool in all kinds of situations is a trait that managers should have. Ideally, he should not lose his calm even under the worst of circumstances.
When situations become difficult to deal with, when employees become a nuisance, when strategies fail... there are so many scenarios when a manager's ability to keep calm is put to test. If he can't keep his cool in situations like these, he can't take the right decisions and that's when there are high chances that the situation at hand worsens.
Thinking and acting with a cool head under every circumstance is the secret to effective management. To be a good and effective manager, one must be able to maintain his temperamental balance at all times.
Do you find a similarity between these traits and the attributes you have? Could you spot a good manager in you? Build on these abilities and you could be a successful business manager some day.