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Tips for the First Day of a New Job

Hemangi Harankhedkar
You want to make sure that your first day in the new office is a memorable and happy one. Don't worry, here are a few useful tips to help you on your very first day.
A new job is synonymous with meeting new people, adjusting to a new environment, doing new work, and yes, coping with a new boss! With so many new things round the corner, you feel excited as well as nervous.
Over-excitement and nervousness can mar your impression at the workplace on the first day, and this is something you don't want happening. In today's materialistic world, everything from your attire to your demeanor has a say in creating a favorable impression.

How to Make Your First Day at Work Perfect

1. Do the Homework: Keep yourself abreast with all the latest developments in your industry. This preparation will come handy, if your employer questions you to test your knowledge about current affairs. Your awareness also conveys your excitement to the employer. Go through some books and take the help of the Internet to meet this purpose.
2. Sleep Well: A good 7-8 hours of sleep is essential for the body and mind. Sleep refreshes us, and prepares us for the hard work of the next day. On the first day, you must look your best, and sleep will help in the same.
3. Have a King Size Breakfast: Nothing can beat the frustration that stems from an empty stomach. Moreover, you need to be extra focused on your work on the first day. Thus you should prefer to have a healthy and heavy breakfast in the morning that will keep you full for a longer time. Ensure that your breath is fresh after having breakfast.
4. Your Attire: Your dressing sense speaks a lot about you, and so needs special attention too. Dress as per the culture at your new workplace. If you are not aware of the dress code, prefer to dress formally than casually. Casual and revealing outfits should be avoided by women as well as men.
5. The Important Things: Often out of nervousness, candidates forget to take one important thing or the other. Thus before stepping out of the house, take the necessary documents and accessories with you.
6. Timing: Make it a point to reach office early so that you get to bond with others around. It will create a bad impression if you reach the workplace late on the first day itself. If your workplace is far, you should learn about the route in advance and decide on the time it takes to reach there. Plan your schedule such that you reach office well on time.
7. Etiquette: To portray yourself as a congenial candidate, you should follow proper mannerisms and etiquette. Small things like wishing people good morning or saying hello at the workplace is important. This conveys to others that you are open-minded and friendly.
8. Ask questions: Coming to the work related tips, pay attention to lectures given during induction, and clear all your work related doubts by cross-questioning the concerned authorities. This also facilitates communication between you and others and thus you will get to know others at the workplace.
9. Be Interested: Don't be too talkative or try to intrude the space of others, likewise do not keep yourself aloof and restricted. Keep a friendly face and have an open attitude to others. Be willing to start a conversation with others; this way you bond with the people at work.
10. Maintain a Calm Disposition: Employers secretly monitor the work of new recruits, to see how they work or behave with others in the office. Thus, maintain an alert and calm disposition throughout the day and keep yourself interested. Similarly, you should present yourself confidently and pay attention to things like eye contact and body language.
11. A Warm Goodbye: This is a part of etiquette. Wish goodbye to people with whom you had communicated in the day. Be keen to follow these manners, since they help in creating a friendly impression.

Tips to Remember:

  1. When you introduce yourself to others, make it a point to remember their names, to avoid facing awkward moments on the next day.
  2. Keep yourself away from the office gossip groups, and be more work focused, at least in the initial days on your job.
  3. Directly communicate with your supervisors if you have any trouble during work.
4. See to it that you have a sound background knowledge of your company.

5. Participate in after-work activities, if there are any.
Rather than making it seem like a battle to conquer, look at your first day at work as an exciting opportunity to meet new people. Be cool and friendly, and soon you will look at the workplace as your second home!