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Professional Dress Code Tips

Prerna Salla Jul 15, 2020
Selecting a dress everyday for office is quite boring. You have to consider so many things, and you feel as if your work life, which is a major part of your life, is boring and lifeless.
In reality, your dress code largely depends on your work field. Consider your own industry and corporate culture, and then reconsider your wardrobe and try to put some life into it. Some handy tips regarding the same are as follows:

Use Your Personal Style as a Business Communication Tool

Your outfit speaks volumes about your professionalism, so make sure that it creates the right impression. Casual dress doesn't mean that you never have to iron again.
Whatever you decide to wear, be sure that it's wrinkle free, in good repair, and pulled together with unifying elements like matching belts and shoes. However, don't go overboard with the matching aspect, or you might be labeled as miss goody matching maiden.
Use the best of accessories; they make you feel good. If possible, leave your best looking bag in your locker. In case you have to attend an urgent meeting that's scheduled at a five-star, you are never at a loss of looking great. This is because accessories make you look complete. Even a simple-neat dress can look wonderful, if accessorized the right way.

Stand Out, But Blend In

A neat and tied-together look will help you stand out. Wearing too much jewelry or T-shirts with logos will also help you look conspicuous, but not in a positive way. You could wear functional jewelry, a few clip on earrings, and a few rings on your fingers.
If you genuinely want to stand out, then, perhaps, a pair of solitaires in your ears, or a single diamond ring could help you to feel good. These not only look good, but they constantly make you reflect on them while you are clattering on your keyboard. It surely does add up to productivity.
Clothing that distracts people and calls attention away from the business at hand is inappropriate to wear at work. While noisy bracelets might be fun to wear on evenings or weekends, they can be annoying at a team meeting.

Plan Ahead

Step back before you get dressed in the morning, and think about what you'll be doing that day, where you'll be going, and who you'll be meeting. This would also relate to your jewelry and shoes that you might think can be packed up in the last minute, but seldom get to the arrangement.
Always stuff your wardrobe with scarves; that way, you are sure to move away the attention of others, in case your clothes are not as well matched as they should be. If you have to attend an important meeting, then surely you have to be dressed appropriately for it. As an employee, you should dress to reflect your company's culture, values, and industry.
Thus, no matter what you wear, make sure that you carry yourself well and follow the office etiquette.