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Ways to Enhance Your Organizational Skills at Work

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 22, 2020
Organizational skills are a crucial ingredient to achieve success in your career and to excel with perfection. These skills are dormant within us, which have to be honed, as you work towards leading a responsible life.
For entrepreneurs, ignorance is not bliss. It's fatal. It's costly. And it's for losers. You either get organized, or get crushed.
 - Donald J. Trump
The magnate behind 'The Apprentice' and an institution in himself, Donald Trump has the simple way to success, namely honing organizational skills. These skills are a crucial part of being a successful leader. They essentially mean arrangement of activities according to their importance.
Entering a defined work culture is an epoch-making point in everybody's life. Some inherently are good organizers, whereas some need to be trained. Nonetheless, the importance of being organized at work cannot be denied, when your professional life has so much to o
The first and foremost thing to be done is, to throw away the unwanted stuff! It is a common practice to collect a lot of data when you are working on a task.
This information collected and printed, is sometimes, rather unnecessary. Such waste gets accumulated not only in the physical copy form but also in the digital form. Keeping the data in the digital form will reduce the unwanted paper waste.
As soon as you get any task or project, the first step is to know what are your responsibilities. You should be aware of what role you play in the project. The tasks that fall under your scope of work should be jotted down to avoid any confusion in the future.
You can't be burning your candle at both ends. This is where your skills come into play. It is essential that you learn to prioritize your work.
To begin with, make a list of things that you have to do. Decide the order in which you need to get them done. The first five items on the list are usually the most important ones. Assign a time limit to all the tasks, so that they are not kept pending for long.
After setting time-framed goals, you must utilize the working hours to the fullest! Divide your time in such a manner that you will be able to accomplish your goals in the stipulated time and also have time left to ameliorate the work.
Another problem that we come across is punctuality. Most of the time, it is improper time management that leads to a flawed performance, which leads to stagnation or worse, a downfall.
Once you have the list in your hands, half the battle is won. Evaluate the work that you have done on a regular basis, to know the progress of the self-assigned goals. Once you start evaluating, you will be aware of the tasks that are pending and the ones that you need to give time to.
However, try and finish the "to-do list" on daily basis so that you don't have a backlog for the succeeding day. This way, you will be able to begin your work with a fresh mind.
Work, work and only work will stress you and affect your performance. All of us need breaks to unwind. Take the appropriate amount of breaks that you need to de-stress, so that you will be able to work efficiently. Listening to music, taking a power nap of 5-10 minutes or just stretching yourself can also ease out the stress.
Many times, when your colleague or boss asks you for help in their work, you find it difficult to turn down their request. By doing this, you only add to the already long list of tasks that need your time.
Helping your colleagues at work is a good gesture, but it should not be done keeping your work aside. Learn to say a polite "no" to any additional work that you are approached to perform, until you have accomplished your tasks.
Gustave Flaubert rightly said, Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything. It is true that everyone wants their work to be perfect. However, if you get obsessed to make your work "perfect", you will end up doing the same task for a pretty long time.
Put in all your efforts while doing the task, so that you do not have to rework to attain perfection, later on!
The most ignored part of our work is filing! All the work that you have done and researched on will be of no use, if it is not found at the right time (and at the right place). Always maintain a file of the important documents related to your project. This will be useful for future reference

Quiz Time

Here's a small quiz to check how organized you are at work. Write down your choice of option on a piece of paper and check your result at the end. No cheating!

Q.1: How does your desk look like?
A: Very neat and tidy. No unwanted stuff here!
B: A few unwanted stuff usually lies on my desk.
C: My desk always needs major cleaning.
Q.2: How long does it take for you to find an important document?
A: In about a couple of minutes.
B: A day's time. But I do find it.
C: Cannot find it all!
Q.3: How does your day start?
A: I make a daily task ("to-do") list.
B: I try to first complete the pending task at hand.
C: I take work as it comes. Never really plan anything.
Q.4: How many breaks do you take in a day?
A: At least one
B: About two to three
C: None
Q.5 The deadline of your project has been extended. You will ...
A: .. finish the project related work as per your plan.
B: .. leave the task halfway and take up another high priority task.
C: .. work on the same project leisurely.

Result Time!

Mostly As: You are indeed an organized person. Just brush up the given skills to increase your efficiency.

Mostly Bs: You are just a little far from being well-organized. All you need to do is follow the given skills for bettering yourself.

Mostly Cs: You surely need to start organizing your work. Else, you will land into trouble with regard to your work.
Learning organizational skills is the step towards reaching the predetermined goals. Mastering this skill at work gives you an opportunity to be more effective and increase your productivity. It also saves you from stress at the workplace and undue pressures of life. It is priceless as it shows you the value of time and the importance of using it wisely.