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Office Pranks: Practical Jokes at Work

Sayali Bedekar Patil Mar 19, 2020
Everyone, at one point or another, has been the butt of office pranks. Practical jokes spice up office life. So this post is a compilation of office prank ideas that actually work.
Pranks make the workplace a little less rigid and help people take time out to enjoy a little camaraderie. Practical jokes in the office help people have a laugh in between stressful workloads. Yet funny office pranks ideas are only constructive, if they don't embarrass people, nor disrupt the workplace.
They should only be planned taking all the possible consequences into account and should not be used as a way to get back at people. Keep the pranks just what they are, pure and simple fun, and not allow them to cross the ethical or moral lines. One last word of caution, always be extra careful  when using these funny office prank ideas on your boss!

Some Funny Pranks That Work

Pranks and jokes need to be carefully planned and prepared for. As you will be playing them on your friends and colleagues, it is always best to choose a prank that will suit the personality of the person it is played on.
It would be really horrible if your prank makes a female colleague end up in tears or if a touchy colleague getting offended. The idea is to choose your victim before you choose the prank and enjoy the fun.

Ink Blots on My Important Report!

Take a thin plastic sheet that looks like an ink stain. Place it between your collaegues important reports or printouts. Enjoy the reaction of your collaegue as he flips through them thinking when did he use an ink-pen.

Freaky Keyboard

Lots of things can happen to a keyboard and you can try one such thing. Interchange the keys of the standard 'qwerty' keyboard of your collaegue. When he starts working, you can enjoy as he struggles to type and search for letters that are not at their original place.

What's Wrong with My Mouse?

While your collaegue is out, stick a small note saying 'PRANK' under his mouse. The trackball under his mouse will be rendered ineffective due to this.
When your collaegue comes back to his workstation, he will find that his mouse is'nt working. He will surely check and double check the system connection, the mouse wires and even the mouse controls. He will realize that he was pranked only when he happens to turn his mouse around to check what in the world was wrong with it.

Where's My Wife?

You can try this with a married colleague of yours, who's constantly on the phone, talking to his wife over something or the other. Rope in the security guard at your office reception to help you with this one.
Give him your colleague's extension number and ask him to give your collaegue an unexpected call sometime during the day, telling him that his wife's asking to meet him and is seated at the reception.
Then you can actually imagine him running down the stairs (not being patient with the lift) wondering why in the world has his wife come down to work, to meet him. And obviously, when he does reach the reception, there will be no wife. Just ask the security guard to hand him an envelope carrying a letter saying 'You've just been gulled, mate!'.

No! You Called Me First...

Here's a funny prank that you could try. Dial your colleague's number and then immediately call another extension and very quickly press the conference button. Both of them will think that the other guy has called and will patiently say "Hello, yes..."
If you are lucky, after a few seconds, this conversation can turn into an argument over who called first. Enjoy this heated discussion for a minute, laugh out loudly and later tell them "You've just been fooled, guys."
Hope, these office pranks and practical jokes have given you ideas of your own. Good luck with them.