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Job Etiquette at the Workplace

Ajanta Bhattacharyya Mar 4, 2020
Job etiquette refers to good manners and proper behavior that are essential for our professional growth. Read on to know some tips on job etiquette.
In the world of competition, it is very difficult to get a job and hence getting one could be quite an achievement. To survive and sustain for long in our professional field, we should maintain some rules that have social values.
The words "job etiquette" refers to polite, warm and friendly behavior of an individual that he/she should maintain at the workplace. As a social being, we need to cultivate some moral and social values, such as discipline, punctuality and friendliness.

Importance of Etiquette at the Workplace

Recruiters are always in search of candidates with strong interpersonal skills and etiquette. In the world of a challenging job market, it is really very difficult to succeed. We should be very meticulous about our behavior. A small wrongdoing can create a negative impression of us.
However, once you get through the job interview and follow proper job etiquette, you can make further progress by winning approval of your colleagues and thus working for your promotion in the office. Proper etiquette helps in winning the hearts of recruiters as well as the senior managers, apart from your colleagues.

Forms of Job Etiquette

Job etiquette or office etiquette refers to conversation etiquette, greeting etiquette, communication etiquette, dress etiquette, dealing with clients, good manners, etc.
Dress etiquette differs according to the job profile. For example, the dress code in IT companies can differ from that in a publishing house. Here's a look at some tips to maintain proper job etiquette. These tips will definitely prove helpful in your career growth.

Conversation Etiquette

While conversing with your colleague or other people, always look into his/her eyes. Instead of getting into irrelevant topics and discussion, make your conversation short and brief.

Listen and Try to be Attentive

From the very first day, try to be attentive and listen carefully to what others say. Listening attentively is a form of art, through which you can win the heart of your seniors and colleagues. Your attentiveness and careful listening can help you learn things quickly. Hence, you can succeed in your career.

Greeting Etiquette

When you are getting introduced to other people, shake hands. Make sure that your handshake is short and firm and that it conveys confidence. If you are being introduced then stand up and greet the individual.

Effective Communication Etiquette

Effective workplace communication etiquette refers to using communication routes efficiently, via e-mail and phone. An important phone etiquette is to lower the volume of the cell phone or phone call, while taking a call, so that it does not offend your boss or colleagues.
On the other hand, while communicating with your co-worker through e-mails, always address the person with hi/ hello or dear, followed by a title and ending with "Yours Sincerely" or "Yours Truly". It is better to use friendly, yet formal language.

Do Not Take Things for Granted

From the very beginning, try to be alert and don't take things for granted. Don't show your laziness by depending on others. Rather, show eagerness to shoulder your responsibilities.

Work Sincerely

To be sincere and hardworking in your work is very important. You should not take any short cuts, to finish your work or duty.

Managing Deadlines

You should try to complete your work within the time schedule and deliver it according to the target fixed by your boss. Sometimes, if it is not possible to finish your work during office hours, then you can take the work home and try to finish it.

Proper Dressing Sense

Proper dress code is another essential element of job etiquette. You should wear neat and clean clothes, in which you feel comfortable and look good. Here, personal cleanliness and professional dress code play a vital role.

Proper Table Manners

Once you enter your office, you need to be formal in every way. At the office lunch table, follow proper table manners that includes not talking when your mouth is full, not to make noise while eating, proper handling of fork and spoon, not to cough while eating, etc. These table manners help a person in being more civilized and respectable at the workplace.

Respect the Rules

Workplace has its set of rules and regulations. A good employee always shows respect for those rules; this helps him/her to remain committed and devoted to his/her job.

Friendly Attitude

Friendly attitude is another element of job etiquette. Try to be relaxed, happy and be friendly and share a good rapport with everyone around you. For this, you need to be confident and have belief in yourself. Always remember that a jolly face wins a thousand hearts.

Avoid Office Politics

Avoiding office politics is another thing that one needs to put an effort into. Always pay regards to your colleagues and stay away from all kinds of backbiting and gossiping. Avoid belittling or offending your co-workers or any former employees.

Do Not Interrupt

Refrain from disturbing or interrupting your colleagues while they are busy with their work. Try to maintain a peaceful and a calm atmosphere around you.

Adjust Yourself According to the Environment

You should be able to adjust yourself according to the environment. For this, you should have some information about the dress code and rules of work at your office and try to adjust with the environment as well as colleagues.

Tips on Following Job Etiquette

Apart from the mentioned etiquette, there are some other codes of behavior that one should maintain in the office premise. These are:
  • Try to reach your workplace on time.
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Do not argue
  • Be helpful to your colleagues
  • Maintain your personal cleanliness
  • Cultivate a positive attitude towards others
  • Do not be partial
Thus, job etiquette refers to civilized behavior that should be maintained at the workplace. Always remember "love begets love". If you expect good behavior from others, then first you have to behave in a proper way. Keeping this in mind, if you follow the etiquette mentioned, then you are definitely one step closer towards your goal.