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Interactive Leadership Activities

Aparna Jadhav Aug 7, 2020
While you are learning leadership qualities, it is very important to work as a team. Here are some interactive leadership activities that may help you in this endeavor.
Corporate life is not just about serious work, boring black and white suits, all-day meetings, innumerable cups of coffee, and never-ending hours. There's a lot more to do at your workplace, where you can learn and sharpen your skills with simple team building exercises and activities.
When you are working for long hours without a break, you often require a breather to socialize with your colleagues and break the ice between each other. If you are working for any organization in any position, there is a requirement of displaying or possessing leadership qualities, as you never know when your team might need you.
Therefore, even if it is a very important and professional quality, it can be developed by simply taking part in a few interactive leadership activities.
These group activities are fun and they include all the teammates so that each can participate and put in their best efforts. If you are looking for such activities, we have a few suggestions coming up just for you. Pick your favorites!

The Significance of Interactive Leadership Exercises

  • Leadership is a very essential quality, which every individual should possess or develop.
  • It is a positive quality, which doesn't need to be used for overpowering and dominating, but to lead a group towards success.
  • Leadership yields other useful qualities, like confidence, positivity, quick decision-making, creativity, ambition, endurance to bear the consequences of wrong decisions, and to pull up a team from failure to success.
  • Many corporates and their managements make it a point to have a few interactive leadership activities are a part of their recreation for employees, as they get a chance to emerge as leaders.
  • A few of these easy yet effective interactive team building activities are compiled here. All these exercises teach teammates to make decisions and work as a team, considering all the crucial aspects of a project assigned to them.

Roping a Square

  • This is a very easy exercise, where you have to make a team of 4 and use a 20m rope for the activity.
  • The team of 4 participants have to tie the rope in a circle, make a square out of it, with blindfolds on their eyes.
  • The team gets about 15 minutes for planning a strategy, after which they will be blindfolded.
  • They are then given 10 minutes to turn the circle into a square without seeing, with all the team members holding the rope.
  • After you think the square is ready, keep the rope on the floor and move out.

Tower of Hand Work

  • Well, just as the name suggests, a leader is a tower of hard work.
  • He is someone who leads his team to the top.
  • In this exercise, you need to have a team of 5 participants, one piece of 30 feet rope and 10 or more water bottles, which are evenly distributed to all the teams.
  • The rules of the game are to build a tower of water bottles in 10 minutes, as high as possible with the help of the rope.
  • The tower should be standing without support including the two components of the game, and you have 5 minutes to plan before the whistle blows. The highest tower wins.

Playing with Tools

  • This exercise deals with a simple activity such as changing a car tire, but with a team!
  • We are all well aware of the phrase, "too many cooks spoil the broth". Thus, when too many people want to do one work at one time, there are differences in opinion, leading to havoc.
  • But, this is what team work is, thus, a team of 5 participants is chosen and 30 minutes are allotted for the task.
  • They are given 5 minutes to work on the strategy, put together all the steps of changing the tire and allot specific time limits for each step.
  • Whichever team completes the task first and the tire is as good as new, wins the task.
With these easy yet effective interactive leadership activities, hope you have learned the importance of leading a team and listening to other team members. These activities are fun and educational, so try them out in your office and make the most out of it!