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Inbound Call Center Sales Tips

There are several ways by which the sales of an inbound call center can be increased. Here are tips on how to go about following proper sales techniques in an inbound call center.
Rujuta Borkar
An inbound call center is a center that handles only those calls that are made by the customers to the call center. These calls are made either for inquiring about a certain product or to report a malfunction and ask for advice on the repair or something similar.
An inbound call center is different from an outbound call center which mainly focuses on marketing and sales of products or services.
Yet, there are cases wherein a combination of both these forms can be made. In fact, it has been studied that if a call center uses subtle techniques of marketing to promote particular products during an inbound call, it can lead to better sales.
Many call centers have now started concentrating on using these techniques for increasing their sales. Here, we will provide you with certain inbound call center sales tips that you can use to promote your business.

Inbound Call Center Sales Techniques

There's nothing more irritating than to have someone selling you something when you make a call to inquire or complain about a product. That is why it becomes important to learn the ways in which a proper pitching for sales can be made.
And that is precisely the reason why it becomes imperative to include certain call center inbound sales training programs in your company. Here are certain sales tips for your usage.

Know What You're Selling

The importance of this factor cannot be reiterated enough. Unless you know what you are selling, you cannot hope to convince the callers about buying that product or service. Thus understanding the product and all the plus points as well as the negative points becomes important. Make sure that you understand the product thoroughly before selling it.

Recognize Opportunities

Understand that every situation can be sufficiently molded to turn it into an opportunity for sale. Learning to recognize these opportunities is therefore important and one should learn to do the same. This factor will become easier to handle after some passage of time and when ample experience has been gained.

What Do They Want

It is of course important to understand what the callers actually want. Do not be driven by the need to make a sale and promote the products to such an extent that you side track what they want. This will put off the caller immediately and might even hamper your chances of pitching and making a sale.

Learning the Right Approach

There are certain qualities and techniques that have to be learned in order to be successful at a sale. Here is how you approach this process:
  • Do not forget your manners. Be polite and gentle and you've already convinced the caller to give you a ear. Do not start selling the product and service as soon as you get a call. That is being blatantly persuasive.
  • Aim towards building a rapport first. This can only be achieved if you try to go beyond the customer-salesmen relationship. Learn to ask what their difficulty is, talk about what you're offering in a very matter of fact manner and not as a forced sale. Callers will much rather prefer suggestions than being forced with a sale.
  • Learn to word your sale in the form of suggestions. How best to recognize an opportunity and how to use it well is what should be your focus.
  • Do not force a sale on anyone. Nobody likes to be forced with a buy. So learn to recognize that fine line between being persuasive and being forceful. Stick to the former option.
  • Learn to follow-up after every sale that you make, asking if the product or service has provided what they were looking for. A simple gesture of following up goes a long way in earning the loyalty of the customers and keeping it that way.

Starting a 24 Hour Service

While this might not be something that is feasible for every venture, if a center can manage a 24 hour service, it will give them an edge over the competition. There is hardly a better manner of showing the callers that you care and are willing to help.
Sometimes it is not possible for callers to call during their working hours, so when there is a service that is offered around the clock, it provides for comfort and ease and takes away the stress.
With these inbound call center sales tips in mind, here's hoping that you now know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that an inbound call can be turned into a great business opportunity for the company. All the best.