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How to Write a Job Transfer Request

Looking for a job transfer? Read on to find out how to write a job transfer request.
Manali Oak
A job transfer request can be a request for relocation or one requesting a transfer to a new position that has opened in your company. Personal reasons such as time and location constraints could necessitate you to write one.
A job transfer request has to be addressed to your employer making it clear why you want the transfer and it should convince your employer about your suitability at the new position.
You should be careful in your request for job transfer so that it is granted. Ensure that it does not look like a helplessly made request. Also, it should also not appear to be an arrogant statement of your need for transfer.

Writing a Job Transfer Request

If your job transfer request is your response to a new job opening in your company, state the purpose of your request. Let a convincing reason for requesting follow the purpose.
Highlight your strengths to convince your employer how well the newly opened position suits you. Make a mention of your experience and your expertise, which you will be able to utilize in the intended new position.
It may happen that your family is shifting and that you need to relocate to a new place. If you know that your company has a branch in the new place you will be moving to, you may like to request a transfer to that branch of your company. In this case, it is important to state clearly your reason to relocate.
It is important to make your employer understand your urge of working with the company. State that you want to continue working in your current company and that it would be nice for you to obtain a job transfer to your place of relocation.
In any of these two cases or for any other personal reason that may lead you in requesting for a job transfer, remember to be clear and precise. Do not forget to add a few words of appreciation about the company.
Do not appear to be flattering your company but make sure to mention what the company has done for you. Mention in your request how the company has helped you in your career. State your true reason for requesting a job transfer. It is always good to maintain transparency in your interaction with any of your employers.
Granting your job transfer request means that the company has to choose a new employee in your position. The company has to search for a suitable candidate and train him/her before the newly selected person can perform well at the your position. The company may have to look out for new candidates or promote one of the candidates in the company.
Your transfer can mean a lot of effort on the part of your employer. Your company needs to arrange for a suitable substitution for you. So give them that time.
Make the request well in advance and wait for the stipulated period of time. There is an official notice period that gives both the parties a fair share of time to make the necessary changes. Abide by the company policies. You can provide a solution for your replacement in the company by referring a candidate or offering to train the new candidate.
Your job transfer means a lot to you. It may mean an adjustment for your family or a change towards betterment. It is best to convince your company about how you will continue to benefit them. A well-drafted job transfer request can make a small contribution towards a successful career.