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How to Have Good Communication Skills at Work

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Almost all of us who are working or are employed, know how important effective and good communication is. If you know how to communicate well, you'll always be a winner in life, as words do make a lot of difference...
Effective communication is not only important in your personal life, but in your professional life as well. If you are currently employed, it's very obvious that you spend a major part of your day in the office. To make sure you are doing your job properly at your workplace you have to communicate effectively to put your views and thoughts forward.
Having effective communication skills is very important as it is the key to where you want to reach in your life. Communication has the power to build or destroy relationships; your words will have an impact wherever you go.
This goes without saying that people who are good with talking always are the first ones to get noticed everywhere. This article on having good communication skills at work is especially for people who want to get out of their shell of shyness and want to speak effectively in front of an audience.

Improving Communication Skills at Work

Having effective communication skills at work is very important to establish a healthy relationship with your co-workers, subordinates and superiors. People who know how to talk know how to work things in their favor most of the time, this doesn't mean that being shy is a crime.
People can be shy for various reasons, some have a withdrawn personality, some are just insecure, most of us think that we are not good at socializing and some just find it very hard to express their feelings.
The sad part is that being shy means being left; if you don't open up, don't talk, don't share your ideas and be antisocial your communication skills will suffer. You'll always be the last guy/girl at everything. If you don't want end up like that let's know how to have good communication skills at work.


If you really want to have good workplace communication skills, you need to have clarity. Be very clear about what you want to convey with your words or sentences. Using ambiguous words and statements can create a lot of confusion and mess up the situation.
While having a conversation, it is very important to know what are you saying and how your talk is affecting the opposite person. The conversations that you have with your co-workers and your clients has to be very different.

Say What You Want to Say

Don't beat around the bush while you're conversing with someone. This is a professional environment and people have no time for such casual attitude, be direct with what you want to say. Your clients, your superiors and the people working with you will be very appreciative if you could be direct and concise.
If you say too much or add some points which are not necessary there's a chance that the listener will miss out on the most important points.

Maintain Good Eye Contact

Many people are scared to look in the eye while conversing, this is actually wrong and such kiddish behavior should be avoided. While conversing with anyone, it is very necessary that you have good eye contact with your audience, whether it's a group or one person.
You don't have to scare them with your eyes, use them to convey your opinion and to show how serious you are about the topic.

Avoid Being Personal

As I've mentioned before its good to be direct and to the point, although you should be careful of not being rude and impersonal. Remember that you're talking to breathing people and don't forget that they have feelings.
While conversing with anyone in a professional environment, it's good to be passionate about the job and let the opposite person understand how important this is for you.

Try to Listen

It's really hard for most of us but a good conversationalist also knows how to listen and understand what others have to say. Communication is never a one way street, even when you speak you need feedback to see how well has the opposite personality has understood your viewpoint. Listen and don't just nod your head; understand and get involved in the conversation.
I hope the above given points will help you understand how to have good communication skills at work. Its' good to speak when you want to as the ultimate beneficiary is you in the end, in this race of life it's not good to be shy always. Speak up well so that people know you exist.