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How to Deal with Employees

Stephen Rampur Aug 8, 2020
Efficient employee management is one of the most worrisome concerns in today's corporate world. Here is some information on how to deal with employees.
The problematic question of how to deal with employees is very important for today's business leadership. The leadership members, who are managers and team leaders, are necessarily supposed to know how to deal with bad employees of every kind.
An efficacious management and direction is one of the most effective methods for lowering the rate of employee retention. There are very few managers and leaders under whom people work satisfactorily and deliver optimal productivity.

Points to Remember

Employees should be dealt with by keeping many aspects in mind. The most important aspect is that if they are not managed in the appropriate manner, they tend to reduce their productivity, which in turn has a bad effect on the company's turnover.
They can only contribute widely to productivity if they are treated properly, find the work satisfactory, get what they generally anticipate, and are not pressured to work more than necessary.

Lazy Working Staff

They are the executives who spend unnecessary time having coffee, browsing the Internet, spending extra time for lunch, kvetching about their work pressure, etc. Dealing with them can be nothing less than a challenge. In some cases, the only solution is to terminate the person, but most of the time, the issue may be resolved by using creative management.
Document every single detail of the situation. Maintain precise attendance records, and pay attention to the worker's coffee and lunch breaks. Check if work is incomplete, or the project deliverables are being hindered by his laziness.
Once you have the proof of his lazy behavior, consult him and ask for clarifications regarding his poor performance. He needs to be informed that if he does not perform as required, he may lose his job.
Motivation plays a very significant role in helping him get rid of his laziness. His output will naturally increase if he is motivated in achieving the set goals and targets. Encourage him to assign a priority to tasks and responsibilities. Fix a particular time for reviewing his performance, and discuss his improvement.

Angry Working Staff

It is very important for the manager to deal with angry staff. If they are not handled properly, the productivity of the company can be adversely affected. There are many times when the company cannot fire an angry worker, just because he is highly skilled and in demand, and is greatly contributing to the productivity of the organization.
If you are thinking of how to deal with such people, you need to consider some important things before taking any further steps.
Take a note of everything related to the situation, and the reason why he is angry. Try to suggest a satisfactory solution as soon as possible, before the issue escalates further. Talk to the irate guy in person, and get to know what the exact problem is.
He may even suggest some solutions that can be considered for solving the problem. Make sure you do a follow-up on the situation and the finalized solution. This will certainly help you in preventing similar issues in the future.
If you are a new manager and want to know how to deal with employees who are lazy and angry, just keep the company policies in mind and consult with the human resource management department for any related suggestions.