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How to Create a Healthy 'Work From Home' Routine

Vinita Tahalramani Mar 31, 2020
We are living in the times of quarantine - where both government and private sectors are inclined towards a ‘work from home’ policies. Amidst this change, your lifestyle can worsen if a proper routine is not set for the day. Read ahead to know these simple, adaptable steps while creating a healthy ‘work from home’ routine.

Start Early

  • Wake up early
  • Set a morning exercise routine
  • Eat proper breakfast
Before starting to work

Organize the Work Area

'Work from Home' doesn't mean sitting on bed with a laptop.

  • Set your table
  • Surround yourself with things you use in office - a pen, dairy, sticky notes, water bottle and a coffee mug.

Set Self- deadlines and Stick to Them

"An at-home workday can spiral into an all-day workday if you aren't setting proper goals for yourself"

  • Write down work targets
  • Set alarm ( if required)
  • Reward yourself when target achieved

Use a Good Internet Connection

Even if you are working on offline files, keep your notifications ON and stay connected to office on- goings. This will help maintain a good concentration towards work.

Eat Healthy

  • Plan your meals a night before, as you do when working in office
  • Add nutritional snacks to your meals

Take Clear Breaks

  • Cook a meal, exercise or relax, but don't laze around
  • Simple exercises can include stretching, a walk or shake a leg to your favorite song.

Reward Yourself

This can be when you have achieved the deadline. Reward activities can include:
  • A stroll in the neighborhood
  • A call to friend ( 5-10 minutes only)
  • Treat of a sweet

Some Don'ts

  • Don’t work in PJs
  • Don’t keep eatables within your reach
  • Don’t overeat
  • Don’t turn to social media during working hours
  • Don’t let house interactions distract you

Important Takeaway

  • Every hour spend a couple of minutes to stretch
  • Stay hydrated
These were some hacks to adjust to 'work from home' with maximum productivity.