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How to Conduct a Safety Meeting

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
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You cannot control time nor can you predict the future, one moment everything is calm and just in one second there's chaos everywhere. To make sure that people can keep themselves safe at their work place, safety meetings are conducted.
Safety meetings are important and it's one of the best ways to make people understand the importance of being safe and alert.
It's essential that many people remain present when safety meetings are conducted; you shouldn't just ignore it as a formality but take it as a serious lesson to protect yourself and others from uncertain dangers. Hence, it's extremely important to know how to conduct a safety meeting successfully.

How to Hold a Safety Meeting

A successful safety meeting can be conducted by following some simple rules and guidelines. Safety meetings ensure that all the topics regarding safety are discussed openly and suggestions are taken from everyone. There should be an active participation from everyone and everybody should be informed in advance to make sure they attend the meeting.


It's necessary that all employees attend a safety meeting because all of them should be well aware about the importance of safety in the workplace. Send a reminder at least 8 days prior to the meeting and see that everyone confirms their attendance.
If you work in a big multinational company you might take multiple sessions so that each and every department of the company can attend such meetings.

Agenda Should Be Clear

Make sure every employee knows what's going to be on the platter. Send out various copies of agenda to the employees beforehand and make sure they review it before the actual meeting happens.
This agenda will contain all the important points and the various safety meeting topics which are going to be discussed. Don't forget to carry extra agenda copies for those who might forget their copies.

Be Friendly

It's quite natural that the employees are going to be a little intimidate by your presence. Make your sure act friendly with all the people present in the meeting. Explain the main aim of the meeting and how everyone who's attended it will benefit.
It's very normal that many questions will be raised during such sessions and you may encounter the silliest of questions, answer them politely and keep interacting with the participants. Interactions ensure that the meeting doesn't get boring.

Discuss All the Safety Issues

It's very important that all issues related to safety should be discussed in the meeting. Ask questions to all the employees and ensure that most of them show interest in solving these issues.
If you hear a problem note it down and try to provide a solution there and then. It's obvious that employees must be having more innovative and useful solutions regarding the problems, listening to them can also make this safety meeting more interesting.

Show Some Action

Once you've finished conducting the safety meeting and have got the necessary points you needed to know, develop a plan of action and implement it. Unless and until you don't implement it you can never get employees interested in safety.
All the participants in the meeting should know that the time they spend in the meeting was not a waste, they shared their problems and you made sure that action has been taken. In the next meeting you will see more participation and enthusiasm.

Make Records of Everything

Keep a record of all the information which was discussed in the safety meetings. All the questions, answers, suggestions and opinions should be acknowledged so that no participant feels sidelined.
You can imply various methods of training to ensure that the meeting remains fun and educational. Rather than including slide shows and clippings try to include physical demonstrations to make the meeting more interesting.