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How to Build Team Spirit

Tulika Nair
You are the team leader and you want to build team spirit to increase the productivity of your team. Here, we tell you exactly how you can foster a sense of togetherness in your team.
Man is a social animal and whether it is in his personal life or his professional life, he needs to work with other people. This makes it important to understand how to work with people without getting into an argument over things. This is especially true for workplaces where you need to work in teams.
In today's corporate world, it is extremely important to understand the importance of working with others. Team spirit is not only important to avoid disagreements in a team but also important in order to enhance performance and to ensure the success of the team.
Look at any company, whether big or small, you will see how they are working towards promoting the team spirit.
Team building helps foster a sense of togetherness and brings the team together. This helps in working towards a common goal and ensuring that success is achieved.
But how do you build team spirit? Here, we tell you exactly how, as a leader, you can build a sense of togetherness in your team.

Building Team Spirit

Most experts will always emphasize on the importance of outdoor and indoor games for team building. Team building activities are one of the best ways to bring a team together. But there are certain things that you need to do on a normal everyday basis to foster a sense of team spirit.
While making teams in your office, it is important that you ensure that the teams are not bigger than 8 member teams and not smaller than five members. While with smaller teams there is always the problem of not having enough people to perform all the tasks, with larger teams, it becomes difficult to manage the same.
If it is possible, try to make membership to a team something that needs to be earned. You can have some elite teams for which membership will be awarded on the basis of completing some tasks or achieving certain targets. This will push your employees to work harder and also give the team members a sense of healthy competitiveness.
The entire team needs to be made responsible of any success or failure. It would be unfair to reward a single member as that could create problems within the team.
As a team leader it may be a good idea for you to organize activities where the team members spend time together. You could organize picnics, family dinners, and other such social events so that they get to know each other on a more personal level.
It may also be a good idea to organize corporate training sessions wherein team members learn how to cooperate with each other, how to communicate in a team and how to work together. Also, try to get team members to perform each others' task. This will create a sense of appreciation for the other person's work which can be very important.
An extremely important and effective way of building team spirit can be ensuring that you are free with the praise that you give your team.
That you constantly appreciate their good work in front of others. At the same time it is important that you do not criticize your team in front of others.
There are many small activities and games that you can use in order to foster a sense of togetherness and build team spirit.
Given are some activities that you can use at your workplace.
  • One good way of fostering team spirit is by building a wall of fame that can have a display of trophies, certificates, and awards that team members have won. If you have team members spread all over the country, send out newsletters that detail out achievements of the team.
  • Get your team to send out messages to other team members regarding things that they appreciate about each other. Also get them to share information like birthdays, anniversaries, favorite restaurants, vacations spots, etc. Knowing people personally can be a great way of fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Get to know team members better and discover what their talents and skills are. There may be good singers, painters, dancers, etc. in the team. Have exhibitions and classes to get other team members involved.
  • Plan group activities like sporting events, gala dinners, concerts, family fetes, etc. so that team members can have fun together and enjoy with the team.
These are just some of the many things that you can do if you want to build team spirit. Working as a team is a necessity and learning to do that while being happy can be the key to a productive company.