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How to Boost Employee Morale

Debopriya Bose Jul 29, 2020
Employee morale plays an important role in the success of a business. An organization can boost its employees' morale by rewarding them, communicating with them, celebrating with them, respecting them, etc.
Employees are involved in an organization with a contract that they provide full days' work for the wage they receive. However, more and more organizations are realizing that they can no longer be content with just providing the salary that they promised their employees.
If they are looking at profits, then they have to take care that the morale of their employees is also high in the work place. An employee's qualifications and expertise won't be of much use, if he cannot apply them properly. An employee who is dissatisfied or suffers from low morale will not be able to give his best.
This is where the role of emotional intelligence in business becomes important. While organizations all over the world are wondering how to boost it, here are some simple ways to keep your employees upbeat.

Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Reward Good Performance

One the best ways of improving employee morale is by rewarding good performance.
This can be done by giving performance appraisals and also bonuses that could be in the form of money, increase in the number of vacation days, or other perks. Appreciating one verbally in front of the whole workforce can also be a big boost.

Good Communication

Employees work the best if they feel that they are valued in the company. The best way to make them feel wanted in the organization is by communicating with them. Listen to their ideas and incorporate them, if they suit the lines of the business. Make them feel that they are an important part of the organization.
Give feedback about their work and provide them with suggestions to improve their performance. Also if they seem worried or distressed, ask them the reason and see if you could help. Encourage healthy workplace communication among themselves.

Treat Them With Respect

Disrespect shown at workplace by the employer is a leading cause of low level of morale. Reprimanding or criticizing an employee in a rude way is bound to create a negative effect, more so if it is done in the presence of his co-workers.
Other employees also tend to lose respect for a senior, who criticizes his employees in public. Be polite and never forget to say 'thank you' and 'sorry' on appropriate occasions.

Celebrate Company Success

Integrate your employees in the organization by celebrating company success with them. One can take them out to dinner, order for lunch in the office, or simply call everyone together and share the credit of the achievement.

Stand By Them

There might be times when one of the customers expresses his dissatisfaction, because he is not satisfied with the services provided by the company. It is important to keep the customer happy, but never do that at the cost of your workforce's integrity.
If he has followed the instructions of the company, take the situation in hand and try to act in a way that would assuage the disgruntled customer. Whatever the case, never scream or criticize him harshly even in front of the customer.

Create Pleasant Work Environment

An employee needs to concentrate and put in his best when he is working. He won't be able to do this, if the environment in which he is working is not good.
Ensure that the workplace is clean, well-lit, and that the air conditioner is working properly. Check that there is clean drinking water available all the time and that proper hygiene is maintained in the washrooms.

Exhibit Loyalty

Showing loyalty towards them is one of the most effective ways. If the employer exhibits loyalty, then the employees will feel more confident and they will work harder. A good way of showing loyalty is by promoting from within the existing workforce rather than hiring from external resources.

Avoid Layoffs

There is nothing worse than job insecurity that can mar the performance of your workforce. With the fear of losing employment, no worker can concentrate on his job. In case a cutback is imperative, state in clear terms the reasons behind it. At the same time, explain the steps that the organization is taking to safeguard the employment of the workforce.

Give Clear Directions

Giving clear directions and setting the priorities and communicating the same to the employees will help them to work properly and increase productivity. This will cause less instances, where he fails to meet the targets and expectations of the company, and hence fewer chances of an untoward incident between him and the employer.

Get To Know Them

One of the best morale boosters is to know them personally. Be aware if any family member is not well. Inquire about such a member in particular. You could also generally ask about their family as you pass by them in the hall. Have occasions where they can bring along a family member. Celebrate their birthdays.
While you celebrate your company's success or during any other informal occasion, get to know them by holding competitions, that would require one to talk about one's hobbies or display some talent other than those related to work.
Most of the successful businessmen today will agree, that besides having their business policies in place, knowing how to boost employee morale assures them greater profits by maximizing employee performance. After all, motivation will lead to a happy employee, which means good business.