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How to Ask for a Performance Review

Rohini Mohan Jul 25, 2020
Have you been wondering how to ask for a performance review for yourself? Well, this task requires a lot more than simply asking for a meeting with your superior or head of department.
It isn't often that employees think of asking for a job review, unless they wish to improve their performance and contribution towards the organization. This strategy is good for really small organizations, where the employees are in personal contact with the manager, and are on social terms with each other. This method helps the employees who take this initiative to appear more serious and dedicated to their jobs, as compared to those who wait for being reviewed at the end of the employment year.

How to Ask Your Manager for a Performance Review

Fix a Deadline

If you are a new employee, you must fix a self-assessment deadline or cap, during which to expect yourself to complete or achieve certain specific targets. These targets must be beyond the limits of your preordained work schedule as stipulated by your organization.
Your goals must be such that if achieved, will make you look like a go-getter and a competitive person in the organization. This will help you seem like a person who has potential, and wishes to see the organization progress and grow further. Inform your manager about your plan and request him to take your performance review after a gap of 3 months or so.

Achieve Your Goals

You will need to try very hard in order to fulfill the performance review goals you have made for yourself. You will need to take up projects and take on more work than others, in order to prove your credibility. Make sure the goals you set for yourself are practical and achievable. Your goals must not turn out to be more than you can chew.

Remind the Manager

Before the end of the 90 day period, remind your manager about the impending performance review, and how you are really looking forward to it. Make sure that it is fixed as per the manager's convenience, and is not forced upon him by you. If however, the meeting is fixed, you must begin preparing for the review.

Talk in Facts

You must always be prepared before you address the manager for a self performance meeting. You must mention all that you have achieved successfully. It would be far better if you could mention the success in numbers and figures, so that it has a greater impact and is impressive. If you have bagged a few clients for the company, then you must clearly state the names and investments brought in by each client of yours.

Mention Futuristic Plans

Also mention the future targets or goals that you have for yourself, which will be favorable for the company as well as for your career. Set out how you plan to go about achieving this target. However, try not to be too ambitious or overtly aggressive.
Find out about the future plans of the organization and what all they will be expecting from their employees, especially pertaining to your specialized field of job. Inquire as to how the organization plans to go about achieving the set goals in the coming months or year(s).

Request for Feedback

Ask your manager if there is anything more you can bring into the organization, as an employee. Ask him if he has any suggestions and if you should make some changes in the way you work. Ask for advice in areas where you have been facing difficulties, and would greatly appreciate some help or guidance. Also do ask if you, as an employee, are being an asset to the organization, and what prospects you have for progress within the organization.
This is also the time for older employees to politely ask if a raise in salary is expected in the near future or not. This is a tricky question, so you will need to be as polite as ever, without sounding too eager or too ambitious. The above mentioned suggestions for asking for a performance review will serve you well, if and when you choose to take this initiative. Always end the conversation with certain ideas you have come up with, which you believe will benefit your organization.