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How to Announce a Promotion

Rahul Thadani
Whether they like it or not, every company has to learn the art of announcing a promotion with tact and sensitivity, so as to not create resentment amongst other employees. There are many things to keep in mind in this scenario, and it is important to not be reckless.
A promotion is something that every single employee in every single business organization works towards, and it is indeed a joyous occasion when he gets what he has been working for.
Needless to say, this must then be made general knowledge to other people in the organization as well, so that the promoted individual can take up his new responsibilities and start his new role in the company.
Promotions are rare to come by, so it is an accepted fact that there are more than a few people who are each vying for a single promotion. Ultimately only one person can receive the honor, and this is the person who the company believes deserves it the most, due to the work he has done in the past, and the potential work that he can accomplish in the future.
The other candidates who were vying for the same thing then need to be informed, along with the rest of the organization as well, about who finally earned it, and why they deemed him the most worthy candidate.
This is where a job promotion announcement comes into the picture, since it is necessary to keep everyone well informed. This announcement must be handled with tact and sensitivity, and it should leave no doubt in people's minds about why the promoted individual has received the promotion.
His past accomplishments and future potential must be pointed out, so that there is no resentment amongst other people. This is a vital factor in ensuring that peace and harmony reigns in the workplace, as the absence of these factors can affect people's productivity and the company's profitability in the bargain.

Rules for Announcing a Promotion

The consequences of not handling this announcement properly can be pretty grim, so sensitivity must be maintained for this issue. Some companies choose to deliver the announcement verbally, whereas some companies will deliver the promotion announcement through written means of communication.
Either way, here are some rules and tips for making such an announcement

If the promoted party wants to inform some colleagues himself, he should take prior permission from his superiors. He should do so only if he is permitted.
If the individual is informing some colleagues himself, he should also state his regret that none of them received it, if they were coveting the same post as well.
If the organization is announcing the promotion, they should make clear the reasons why they feel the candidate was deserving of the it, and what swayed their mind. The aim should be to convince everyone else, and not foster any bitterness or resentment in them.
✦ If the position was a highly coveted one, the other candidates who were unsuccessful should receive a private conversation from some superiors. At the very least, a formal email should be sent to them in order to uphold their dignity.
Congratulations should be given to the promoted candidate, but this should not be over done. His post and his new responsibilities should also be clearly stated so that other people in the organization know what to call him and where to find him.
The organization should also state its mission and vision once more, and should make it clear that this has been taken solely for the benefit of the organization.
The ultimate aim of announcing a promotion is to inform everyone about the promotion itself, but not cause resentment in any one, and this can only be achieved by clearly stating the reasons for this, and the expectations that are attached with it.