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Qualities That a Good Manager Should Possess

Shrinivas Kanade
Every business needs people with good managerial qualities at its helm. In adverse times, these are the qualities that can sustain a business.
Good managers aid in managing their business smoothly. They are most useful in managing the staff of the company or the organization and coordinating their activities towards the accomplishment of the goals of his department as well as the company.
The main task of a manager is to use inputs that are at his or her disposal, such as the resources in the form of men and material, to obtain the maximum output in the form of profit.
A good manager is like a lens which focuses the sunlight at a target. He imparts strength to his team and functions as the brain and the backbone of the team. Let us find out which are the qualities that set a good manager apart from the rest.


The success of every business depends on the teamwork of its employees. Effective communication is the key to convey the goals and targets of the organization to each and every employee.
It is also a key to harness energy, with a word of encouragement for the employees, at the individual and team level. On the other hand, he needs to be firm with a misbehaving staff member and communicate a warning using firm words.


As a manager, you must take extra efforts to know everything about the business you are involved in. You must have specific and detailed information about the business activities and practices of your organization.
Your knowledge is incomplete if you do not know the strategy of your competitors to promote their services and products. Your flawless business knowledge will enable you to arrive at a timely decision and act decisively.

Handling of Staff

The true mark of a good manager is the way in which he manages and administers his staff and employees. Each individual is different from the other and needs to be accessed in a distinct manner to be cultivated, motivated and inspired.
A good manager recognizes the need for self-fulfillment, recognition and appreciation of each employee. A tactful approach in this case, works well for a manager.


The key is to promise within the reason and deliver more. Trust is the most fragile commodity. A manager needs to gain the trust of his employees. It is also necessary to demonstrate to them that you are fair in dealing with all of them.
Your willingness to listen patiently to their problems and complaints, will be your goodwill. Reliability is one of the good attributes. Without this attribute, it is hard to see a person succeed as a manager.


Even though, you are the decision maker, you cannot do all the work yourself. It is necessary to delegate responsibilities to your juniors. It is important to choose safe hands and a sound mind to take up a part of the workload off you. You should also make it quite clear that with authority comes responsibility.


A manager must know the importance of introspection. It helps him decipher the efficiency of his ways and methods of managing his business. It helps him understand which aspect of the business or his own personality is the driving factor. For him it is important to know, whether it is having a good or bad effect on his decision-making capability and so on.

Fair Play

A manager's ability to play fair and be unbiased towards each staff member is of extreme importance. It is never easy to be unbiased. When there are two individuals then there are two different views about how to interpret or execute a thing. This leads to friction in their relationship.
Damaging effects are also applicable to the decisions taken for a business organization. Though such issues are not personal, egos are primed; lines are formed and the battles are fought.
This totally sidetracks the issue at hand or it becomes personality centric, and the decisions are taken on the basis of emotions rather than on the basis of merits. When it comes to delegating responsibilities or when it is time for promotions or attributing success to, there are chances that such an opponent is downplayed by his manager.
A good manager is a solution-driven and result-oriented individual trying to put together a self-directed and motivated team.
When the team is lagging in achieving targets, the manager pinpoints the weak areas and loopholes in the chain of execution and tries to find the solution. This is the time when he needs to show determination and strength of character.
One of the traits is that, no matter how difficult the situation, he holds his fort and does not let the stress of the job cloud his judgment and response.