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Experience Letter Format for Green Card

Torque Earnest Jul 21, 2020
If you are applying for a green card, you will need to draft a professional experience letter. Here is an experience letter format for Green Card.
A Green Card is an official document of the United States of America, which is issued by the government to permanent resident citizens of the US. It serves as an identification document and is issued by the USCIS (United States Citizenship Immigration Services ). This document gives you the legal right to find employment in the US.
Acquiring the Green Card is also a step towards acquiring the US citizenship. Possessing a Green Card gives you the freedom of retaining your native citizenship, by empowering you with the rights similar to those of US citizens. However, the right to leave and return to the US is given for a specific period of time. The usual period is ten years.


There are quite a few factors for being eligible for acquiring a Green Card. They can be listed as follows:
  • Through family connection.
  • Through employment.
  • Refugee / Asylum Status
  • Qualify according to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
  • Military Members or Dependents
  • The US State government lottery scheme called the DV Lottery.
For further details of the eligibility criteria you can refer to the government website of USCIS.

Experience Letter by Employer

A letter issued by the employer comes under the form called I-140, which is an immigration petition. It is issued in case the employee is an 'alien.' Here, it means, a person who does not have a US citizenship.
The details in the experience letter format will differ in terms of furnishing details depending on the foundation of a company. It might be noted that the employer along with the experience letter has to first get the Labor Certification by the Department of Labor.
Experience Letter

Employee's Details:

Issuer's Authority:

Company Details:

Employment Details:


Authorized Signature


Employee's Details: This section of the experience letter for Green Card should have the employee details like the name, joining date, duration of employment, the positions on which the person has worked in the company.
Issuer's Authority: This section should give the details of employment as specified in Employee's Details section, of the person issuing the reference letter. This is to prove the authority under which he is empowered to speak on behalf of the employee.
Company Details: This section is for the details of the company in terms of whether it is US based or not. If it is not, then other specifications prescribed by the government should be included here.

Employment Details: Employee's duties and responsibilities are to be enlisted hereby the employer.
Declaration: This section of the experience letter is for the declaration statement by the employer of giving the true and accurate account of your employment.

Authorized Signature: By saying authorized, it is meant that the person issuing the Green Card experience letter should be in a position to give a reference for the said employee.

Experience Letter by Employee

The basic Green Card experience letter format remains the same even if it is written by the employee himself, but an employee has the authority to do so only if he / she is eligible under the special considerations mentioned in the eligibility criteria for getting a Green Card.
The only difference here would be that after signing the letter, the employee has to get it notarized.