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Employment Verification Questions

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Employment verification questions are aimed at finding out the truth about the prospect's claims of prior employment experience, as well as for finding out whether a prospective tenant earns enough to be able to pay the landlord's rents regularly. Let's check out what kinds of questions usually make it to the verification process.
Whether you're looking for a new job or a suitable new place to stay, you are bound to face a whole battalion of questions that are meant to verify your claims of previous work experience as well as your financial stability, depending upon which among the two - job or home or both - you happen to be seeking. These questions may seem somewhat irksome or even a bit too probing for comfort, if you happen to be the target of this shower of querical pellets.
However, if you get into the shoes of the employer or the landlord, you'll understand how important it is for them to verify the authenticity of your professional and financial claims. After all, by hiring you or entrusting their real estate property at your disposal, they are investing a lot in terms of occupational expectations and trust. That being said, let's take a look at some typical questions that you are likely to face in case you wish to get yourself hired, or if it's a suitable rented residential premises that you seek.

Employment Verification Questions to Ask for Hiring

The following employment verification question samples, are more or less asked when the employer wishes to verify the prospect's claims of previous employment as well as other relevant background issues.
  • What was the kind of work that your previous employment profile required you to do?
  • What was your approach towards getting a work done in a team environment, in your previous job?
  • Do you have any conviction matters or any such previous record that can, in any way, interfere with your current or prospective employment?
  • Please describe your academic background, and tell us how, you think, it will enhance your performing capabilities if you were to get this job.
  • Did you win any certificate or award for any performance related matter while in your previous occupation? If so, could you produce them for our reference?
  • Please provide us the dates of your previous employment, including the dates on which you joined and quit.
  • What was your designation and salary in your previous employment?
  • Are you legally eligible for rehire? (this can also be asked as have you been completely and legally relieved from your previous employment?) If so, please produce the various relevant documents that pertain to your relief from your previous employment.
Under no circumstances should an employer ask questions that are discriminatory in nature, such as questions related to age, ethnicity, religion, etc.

Tenant Employment Verification Questions

The following questions can be legally and rightfully asked by a landlord, and must be correctly and truthfully answered by the prospect, in order to be eligible for qualifying as a tenant to make use of the former's property in exchange for a periodical rent. The landlord can choose to cross check the information provided by the prospective tenant with his/her current employer.
  • Who is your present employer and how long have you been employed in this job?
  • Have you been employed elsewhere previously?
  • What was your reason for switching to the present job?
  • Have you ever been fired?
  • How long have you stuck to each of your jobs? (this can be asked if the prospect has had work experiences with different employers prior to his/her present employment.).
A landlord can call up the employer cited by the prospect and cross check the employment details provided by the prospect. Verification questions that are posed to the employer by the landlord may also include inquiry about the prospective tenant's income from the present job as well as his/her professional relations with the current employer and his workplace colleagues. The landlord can also ask for the dates of employment of the prospect.
In case of the employer, these verification questions allow him to get an insight into the prospect's suitability for employment in the available vacancy in terms of work experience, academic qualifications, stability, adaptability, flexibility, etc. In case of a landlord letting out his/her real estate property for residential purposes to a complete stranger, these questions allow him/her to decide whether the prospect is financially stable and sound, in order to avoid any future problems and hassles in collecting rent from the latter.