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Employee Time Management

Abhijit Naik
When it comes to corporate world, time is considered money, and that makes it important for the companies to inculcate time management skills in their employees.
Time equals productivity, which, in turn, equals money. That makes time management a key attribute of successful business.
The fact that the concept is prominent in all spheres of life is well-known, but lately an addition to it―referred to as the employee time management―is making the rounds of business circuit.
A productive employee who is efficient in time management skills will work harder and thus, have a major share in the company's performance and growth. On the other hand, an employee who is not at all efficient in this aspect, will become a liability to the company, instead of being an asset.

How to Improve Employee Time Management?

Assessment and Feedback

The employer has to stage assessment and feedback sessions at regular intervals, mainly in order to ..
  • Remind the employees about their job responsibilities.
  • Convey company's expectations from them.
  • Set and alter their goals to increase productivity.
These sessions will make the employees asses where they stand in the current scenario and at the same time, send across the message that the company has confidence in them. This will make them put in their best efforts and the results will eventually show on the performance graph of the company.

Proper Coordination

A proper coordination between the employer and employees is a necessity when enhancing time management skills. When any new program is initiated, employees should be given proper instructions regarding the dos and don'ts.
Good performance should be highlighted and if possible, rewarded. Everybody likes being rewarded, so do the employees. In fact, this will motivate them to perform better in the future. More importantly, never question the commitment of an employee, unless you have sufficient reasons to do so.

Time Management Training

This is the best way to incorporate time management skills. You can set aside a day for a training session stressing on its importance at the workplace. The sooner you do it, the better.
You can also avail the services of an expert. People specializing in human resource management are well-versed in inculcating such principles at workplace.

Employee Time Tracking and Management

Employee time tracking helps the employer keep a track of the work environment as well as the productivity of employees. Manual time-sheets of yesteryears have been replaced by fully automated systems, such as time clock software, which keep a track on all the minute details about the employee, right from the moment he enters the office.
Various software available in the market makes employee time-tracking easier, which eventually helps the employer monitor the productivity of the employee and performance of the company.
An organized employee management system forms the backbone of a successful business. Once your employees understand the importance of time management for the growth of the company―as well as their own growth―they will put in all the possible efforts to ensure that success prevails.
Being organized and realistic will help you to set goals for your employees and your company.