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What is Employee Induction Process?

Rahul Pandita
Organizations put major emphasis on the induction process to ensure that the new employees are introduced to the organization's history, policy and future aspirations.
Employee induction is an important part of every organization as it is a formal introduction of the new employees to the organization. It allows new employees to start their journey in the organization. Employee induction is the first step of employee training and may last for a day to a week depending on the type of the organization. It is one of the first steps of the training process and has the capability of determining employee attitude and job satisfaction.


The induction process starts with the HR's address to the new employees in which the major emphasis is on the vision and values of the company. It is important for the organization to create a positive, strong impression in the minds of new employees and a professionally organized induction process is the ideal way to do that.
It is essential that the organization has an itinerary in place before the start of the induction process and copies are distributed among the employees. It helps employees to know about the schedule and also helps in preventing any unscheduled delays.
Some of the aspects that every induction process should include are:
  • History of the organization
  • Information on workplace safety and legal matters
  • An outline of the organization's policies
An induction process is also one of the great ways to make the employees feel more comfortable in the new atmosphere. Encouraging them to develop skills that are not related to their job helps in creating a positive and confident attitude in the minds of employees.
Employee induction is crucial as numerous surveys have found out that a lack of care and support in the initial days can seriously impact the performance of the employees. Let us now take a look at some things that you should keep in mind while planning an employee induction.
  • The employees should be sent an employment pack, at least one week before they are to be inducted and the employment pack should contain all the relevant information about the induction process. The employees should be aware of the schedule and the time at which they are supposed to reach the venue.
  • The reception staff should be proficient and courteous in guiding the new employees and ensuring that they feel comfortable in the new environment. Appropriate arrangement should be made to offer a slight refreshment to the employees. The reception staff should also ensure that proper seating arrangements are in place for the employees.
  • The organization should also appoint one guide or a buddy who can help the employees with some information on the work culture of the organization. 
It has been generally observed that employees are a bit skeptical when it comes to asking questions to their superiors, so appointing an office buddy is a great way to ensure that the new employees are not hesitant in knowing more about the organization.
  • During the induction process, the trainer or the person who is in-charge of the training process should adopt a friendly and a positive tone so as to make the employees feel at ease. It not only helps in creating a cordial atmosphere during the induction process, but it also helps in developing a feeling of goodwill among the employees.
  • Last but not the least, you should discuss employee development plans so that a positive future vision is created among the employees.
These were some important things that one should remember while conducting an employee induction. As mentioned earlier, it is very important that you spend considerable time on planning an employee induction process and be clear about the objectives of your training and mentoring program, so that things start on a good note.
Organizations invest a lot of time and money in hiring the right kind of people and a great induction process can ensure that employees look forward to a long association with the organization.