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Cubicle Etiquette

Stephen Rampur
In today's corporate world, there is a particular cubicle etiquette to be followed. Here are some of the very common office etiquette rules.
In every formal setting, there is a specific business etiquette to be followed, and the office cubicle is no different. Cubicle etiquette is to be understood and learned by yourself, and there would be no such official documentation regarding how you have to behave while working in an office cubicle.
There are many things that you have to consider if you are working in an office cubicle. It is much obvious that if you follow a proper office etiquette; your fellow workers, subordinates, and superiors will have a good impression about you as a professional.

Office Cubicle Etiquette Rules


Eavesdropping is considered a very bad habit while working in an office cubicle. However, many of us give reasons like the cubicle height is very low, sound can easily travel through, and you can happen to hear it even when you do not intend to. But there is always an option of hearing a conversation of your colleague and keeping it only to yourself.
When a person sitting next to you asks a question to another individual, and if you know the answer, do not stand up and tell the correct answer. This will only show that you have the habit of eavesdropping.

Talking in a Cubicle

When you are working in a cubicle, it is bad manners to talk loudly. Talk softly, yet clearly, so that the listener can understand without letting other workers get disturbed. Do not place your hands or head over one's cubicle and start a conversation.
Do not get clients or corporate guests to cubicles for an introductory meet, you can instead go to a conference room. If your cubicle is a bit far from one whom you want to talk with, go to his cubicle and then talk.

Using Devices Improperly

It is inappropriate if you use a speakerphone for conference call conversations conducted sitting in a cubicle. Many employees may prefer to listen to music while working. In such a situation, you should use earphones, which is a very good idea to keep the music volume in a limit. Do not sing along or hum along with the music.
Also take care of your volume while you are talking on the desk phone, it is suggested to use a headset to keep the volume of your voice low. Do not disturb people if they are talking on the desk phone.

Condition of the Cubicle

The condition of your cubicle should be neat and tidy. There are many employees who like to decorate their cubicle with whatever they like and the things that inspire them. You can surely decorate your working space, but see to it that you keep the decors simple.
Do not put too many large pictures and posters on the boards. This will really make the cubicle look less organized and untidy.

Smells in the Cubicle

One of the most important rules and ethics is to not eat or drink any hot or strong-smelling snacks at your desk. Understand that your neighbors are also present, and they may get irritated by the smells coming from the food or drinks you are eating.
While working in a cubicle, you should not take off your shoes and socks which are widely known to produce bad odors. While eating snacks, make sure that you do not disturb your neighbors by the crunchy eating sound.
These were some of the basic office cubicle etiquette rules and guidelines. There are many more simple and logical things that you should realize that would be inappropriate for an office cubicle setting.