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Cubicle Decorating Ideas

Aarti R
Office cubicle is a place where we spend the major- part of our day! Make your cubicle decorative and attractive to keep you motivated through the day.
Office cubicles are boring as they are dry and plain. On the other hand, a well-decorated office cubicle can play an important role in boosting your enthusiasm levels. You spend almost twelve hours a day in the office. A beautified cubicle can make your workplace a comfortable space which also helps to increase your work productivity.
Office decoration does not involve adorning the place with novelties that will clutter the place. In fact, the cubicle must be decorated such that it reflects your personality and interests. Keep in mind that the decoration should not be too jazzy, as it is your workplace. Here are some decorating ideas that you can use to beautify your workplace.

Cubicle Accessories

Most of the cubicle accessories are available in the office supply store. Some of these are:

  • Mouse pads
  • Plants
  • Pen stands
  • Bulletin boards
  • Lamps
  • Calendar

Decor Ideas

  • The very first thing you need to do is to check whether your office authorities allow you to personalize your cubicle. Then, start with simple updates like putting some inspirational cut-outs, quotes, or thoughts that motivate you to work harder.
  • Put something that brings a smile on your face and inspires you when you get disoriented. Nicely written quotes can be clipped to your cubicle to add to its beauty.
  • You can have a personalized lamp that is just clipped to your cubicle. A lamp shade or a table lamp is a good way to help you focus on work.
  • Another accessory that you can add to your cubicle decoration is a bulletin board. It can be placed outside the cubicle. You can add the deadlines to be completed, upcoming events, and projects that are lined up. This bulletin board can be decorated with the help of different colors and themes. Themes can vary according to the season.
  • A personalized calendar or planner can be kept to accentuate your office desk. It can have your own deadlines or special events marked.
  • You can also add some photographs to your cubicle clipboard. These can include pictures of your family, friends, or pets. Also, you can put some memorable pictures from your vacation, some unusual snaps to your clipboard. Apart from pinning these pictures on the clipboard, you can also have decorative photo frames to do the same.
  • A memento, a poster of your idol or your favorite celebrity, or something like a cute, brightly colored wall-hanging can be placed to keep you in the best mood always.
  • Then comes the indoor foliage to make the cubicle more lively. Initially, decide the place where you are about to keep the plant. This way, you'll know if you can place a real plant or a faux plant in your office. Consider your budget to buy a plant for your cubicle. You can include some office plants like croton, peace lily, spider plant, and caladium.
These were some of the cubicle decorating ideas to make your workplace an inspiring space to work in. Have fun while doing so!