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Benefits of Corporate Business Instant Messaging

Roy D'Silva Jul 30, 2020
The world has become a small global village, and the Internet is the superhighway that connects every house in this fist-sized world today. Apart from being a portal for information, entertainment, and education, the Internet plays another very integral role―that of a communication device.
The Internet has today been proved to be one of the most economic ways that people across continents can communicate with each other. Email and instant messaging have taken the place of the courier and fax as reliable corporate communication devices.
In fact, Internet instant messaging has become so necessary for the corporate world, that people not comfortable with it have taken classes to preserve their jobs.
Though corporate business instant messaging services are randomly frowned upon as 'strict corporate rules', 'unbelievable suit and tie lifestyle' and 'just a addition to park-me-an-email mentality', there are too many benefits of these services.
Here is a quick list for the perusal of any corporate head who has to calm down their employees who are threatening to revolt.

Complete Security

It is a known fact that many instant messengers are open to hack attacks. Hacks are something like a chain reaction, and it normally attacks the weakest link.
For example, A, B, and C are friends, and A is not as computer and Internet savvy as B and C. A has his messaging account hacked, and due to that the virus is being sent to his message list via a message window. Even if B and C are computer savvy, they will believe that 'myphotosinvienna.exe' is actually a compilation of A's holiday in Vienna.
Of course, while the file is downloading, B and C will also make it a point to ask A where he learnt to create a compilation of photos, only to learn that A has been a victim of a hack or virus attack.
There are only two ways to avoid such a scenario, either educate the entire staff about Internet hack attacks, or move on to a completely secure, private instant messaging service, like an Intranet.

Increase in Manpower Productivity

Surveys have time and again shown that employees spend a large chunk of their work hours accessing, reading, and forwarding emails.
Some people just chat online for hours straight and later say that they could not accept files because they were at work―and no, they did not own the company, not even in middle management or management, they were simple and general employees in the company.

Ability to Monitor Chats

Some other instant messaging services have chat logs, but those can easily be deleted. Having the ability to monitor chats is a good resource to have. For one, the minute some bad apple confides with their cronies about doing something bad to the company, the people concerned can know about it.
There are a few constraints when using corporate business instant messaging tools. For one, with the growing importance of work place atmosphere for employees, employers and companies may find it difficult to hire and retain employees in such an atmosphere.
There are many companies that offer corporate instant messaging software. They have good enough features and do not hamper corporate communications in any way.