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Construction Safety Topics

Sheetal Mandora
Safety during construction is not to be taken lightly by organizations and its employees. Which is why, discussing over various construction safety topics becomes highly essential before work commences. In the following story, we will go over some helpful topics which are essential at every step of the way...
When it comes to traffic safety, heavy equipment management and operations, and the responsibilities of all the employers to its employees, an organization's duties elevate ten-fold. The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that laborers who work on road constructions tend to suffer more on-the-job fatalities and injuries than any other site.
The nature of work is such that workers and their supervisors have to be cautious about workplace safety, working with hazardous equipment, and taking care of other workers' safety as well, at all times.
As an organization, in order to ensure employee safety, holding weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings becomes quite essential. And for that, we have an story that can provide you useful topics regarding safety during construction.
Now there are many companies that include topics in their employee training programs. This is done to insure that their employees fulfill specific tasks at hand accurately and with utmost care. If you are looking to build a work environment where workers are well-informed on security issues, you need to begin with structuring the topics accordingly.
To help you brainstorm, we have put together different construction safety topics which any organization can include in their employee training programs and regular meetings.

Topics to Discuss and Implement

What is the main aim towards holding such safety meetings? For every business / organization, its employees' safety and security is of utmost importance. Which is why, these topics can help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities suffered by the workers.
As highway, roadway, street, tunnel, bridge, and utility workers are always exposed to hazards while they are inside and / or outside the work zone, the responsibilities of their supervisors increases.
Keeping the workers informed about all possible scenarios and the steps they need to take in order to ensure safety is what we're targeting at. For helpful topics on road or building safety, read through the following topics. You can construct meetings according your organization's requirement:
  • Use of first aid
  • Use of hard hats
  • Proper personal hygiene
  • Need for blasting permit
  • Power tool safety
  • Taking care of punctures and cuts
  • Proper road work safety
  • Effects of sleep deprivation
  • Proper tow truck operations
  • Importance of traffic control safety
  • How to drive during winters
  • What are workplace distractions
  • Hearing protection devices
  • Proper earthquake safety tips
  • Fall rescue techniques
  • Proper grounding checks
  • Aggressive driving
  • How to be an extra-safe driver
  • Asphalt worker safety
  • Proper construction site hygiene
  • Baling and compacting work
  • Why is safety important at workplace
  • Asbestos use in construction
  • Emergency fall response
  • Construction fall protection
  • Ground fault protection
  • Contractor safety work permit
  • Construction ladder safety
  • Crane and hoist operator license
  • Demolition safety planning
  • Safe lifting techniques
  • Safety rules for power tools
  • Hydraulic excavators and backhoe loaders
  • Employee safety responsibilities
  • Are we prepared for an emergency
  • Disposing hazardous material
  • Fire safety - In case of fire
  • Crane operation hand signals
  • Importance of safety training
  • Working safely around electricity
  • Demolition safety checklist
  • Concrete mix and pour checklist
  • Critical lift checklist and inspection
  • Contractor safety audit guide
  • How to protect yourself against UV radiation
  • Crane and hoist qualification checklist
  • Hazardous material warning labels
  • Why not to take back problems sitting down
  • How to handle back injuries
  • Safety regulations in the workplace
  • Personal protection against workplace violence
  • Construction site electrical hazards check guide
  • Respirator assigned protection factors concrete construction safety
  • Crane Safety - Safety precautions for working near overhead power lines
The workplace safety topics provided in the list above will help employers educate their employees become better at workplace security and reduce any chances of mishaps.
The topics discussed in this story can be used in various organizations, depending on what kind of work is performed by the employees. Implementing a safe working area for employees assures increase in productivity and also shows the important link between employees and the organization.