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Business Attire for Women for a Smart Look

Rimlee Bhuyan Jul 18, 2020
Like it or not, the way you dress makes an impact on how you are perceived at work. Business attire for women should be smart and classy.
In the corporate world, being appropriately dressed is of utmost importance because your attire is the first thing that coworkers and clients notice about you. If you come to work dressed in a flowery sundress just because it is comfortable, your colleagues might think that your work attitude is also laid back.
To be taken seriously, you have to project an aura of being smart, professional and someone who has the caliber to get any work done. What is business attire for women? Women's business clothing is something that can be worn to workplace and is professional and well tailored.

Professional Attire for Women

Business attire is more formal than casual attire and you should always keep that in mind while choosing an business formal attire for your office wear. What to wear at the workplace depends very much on the type of office you work in and the kind of work you do.
If you are into traditional settings like a law firm, a financial institution or in banking and accounts, your attire should be as conservative as possible. Traditional business suits for women like a skirt suit or a pant suit will work very well in these kinds of environment.
The suit should be tailored to perfection and you should choose solid dependable colors like black, gray, navy blue and brown. The skirt of the skirt suit should not be too short and the ideal length be knee length although you can wear a skirt which is some inches below the knee. 
Choose the material of your suits in fabrics like wool, wool blends, and high quality blends and synthetics. Always pair your skirt suit with good quality pantyhose making sure that it has no runs or snags.
If you are into creative fields like advertising, event management or fashion, you can wear casual business attire, which would include a knee length shift dress with court shoes and a designer scarf. You can also pair a shift dress with a short jacket whose hem hits about an inch below your waistline for a chic yet professional look.
If you have the figure, you can also wear business casual attire for women like a high-waisted skirt with a silk white blouse for a timeless appeal. Make sure that you pair it with black pumps and a well tailored jacket. This is the best look for business attire for young women.
Let us now discuss in detail about various items of clothing. A blouse that has to be worn under the jacket of a suit should be well tailored and structured. Pheasant blouses or billowy blouses are a strict no no as they are quite inappropriate for the office. Also avoid wearing sleeveless blouses.
Accessories like scarves also play an important role in your business attire as it allows you to personalize your suit. Wear printed scarves without a too busy print in solid colors and wrap it simply around your neck or shoulders. 
No business attire would be complete without proper footwear. Shoes for the office should be ideally pumps with 1 ½ to 2 inch heels in solid colors without any embellishments like diamantes, bows or buttons on it. Avoid at any cost flat shoes, six inch stilettos and peep toed shoes.
Bags should not be too huge in size but proportionate and choose colors like tan, brown and black. Lastly, a light citrusy or floral perfume that is subtle and fresh and not too cloying or strong should be applied. Keep your makeup and jewelry minimum and avoid wearing garish lipsticks and chunky pieces of jewelry.
Make sure that you follow this dress code while choosing your clothes for the workplace. Proper business attire will make you look like a person who knows business etiquette and people will perceive you as a professional.