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Benefits of Chair Massage for Corporate Employees

Zini Mehta
Chair Massage is known to be very effective in dealing with stress related issues. Read this story to learn about the numerous benefits of chair massage for corporate employees.
What is Chair Massage? It is a system wherein a therapist goes to the workplace, and give employees a massage while they are seated on a massage chair or on a portable desktop face rest. Typically it is about 15-20 minutes per employee and is known to provide instant relaxation.
Many employers are opting for this method to manage stress at the workplace as it is fast, convenient and affordable, in comparison to other employee benefits. It improves the health and well-being of employees and translates into numerous benefits for the company.

Chair Massage Benefits for Employees

Improved Health

There are numerous benefits of a massage; it is very effective in improving the overall health of employees. To begin with, like any other massage, it reduces stiffness and muscle tension, especially in areas like the back, neck and shoulder. Due to continuous typing many employees experience pain and numbness in the hands.
It is also known to help deal with tension related headaches and eye-strain. Research shows that over a long period massage can improve posture, reduce blood pressure and also relieve arthritis. With increased energy, employees are in a better position to concentrate on work.

Enhanced Well-Being

Job stress and other related issues, cost the company a lot of money. In a high pressure environment, employees get stressed. This has many negative effects on the employee's health and companies have to deal with high absenteeism. Moreover, stress causes people to become irritated and short-tempered.
It has been seen that a chair massage is very useful in soothing people; when employees are relaxed, they are more willing to cooperate with each other. Also employees do not mind putting in a few extra hours when they are happy. It also increases the morale of employees as they feel that the company cares about their mental and physical health.

Increased Productivity

Even a brief massage session can improve the problem solving ability of employees, as it relives fatigue and increases awareness. Relaxed employees are in a better position to come up with creative ideas. Most importantly, by reducing stress and other health issues, companies are lowering the rate of absenteeism among their employees. The direct result of this is more productivity among employees.

Chair Massage Benefits for Employers

It's a great motivation to come to work; who wouldn't want to come to work and get a massage? It's a great investment for the company, as it results in happier and healthier employees. Chair massage is a cost-effective way of ensuring employee satisfaction. Massage increases the production of serotonin and endorphin which helps in relaxation.
Less stress means that employees are less likely to call in sick, so productivity increases. It also helps reduce anxiety of employees before a big meeting or presentation and in the long term may be useful to reduce attrition. Moreover, a great perk like a massage gets talked about, which obviously helps the image of the company.
But, why chair massage? There are many benefits of a seated chair massage. It works perfectly in offices, as employees can remain fully clothed and since no oil or cream is used, there is no concern of stains on clothes. It requires less space and can be set up in a small cubicle or a conference room.
The cost of a chair massage is approximately $8-$10 for 10 minutes. The sessions are modified to fit the needs of employees who can choose from the different chair massage techniques that are offered. Companies looking to provide a chair massage to employees, must make sure they get certified therapists.